How Not To Marry An I.D.I.O.T is a book that will  help you spot undesirable behavioral patterns in a person before considering a long term relationship like marriage. 
This book is both a guide and a mirror. Sometimes we are quick to look at other people and notice the flaws in their behavior without looking at ourselves.  I shared my personal struggles and how I overcame them, the book becomes instructive as a mirror for you to look within and make the necessary adjustment just like I did. 
Relationships are meant to make you better and not bitter. The choice of a partner will determine the experiences of your life. This is why you must be informed to make the right decisions 
The word I.D.I.O.T is not an insult but a  negative condition which can be totally transformed as you follow the principles in the book.
I: Idle 
D: Domineering
I : Insensitive
O: Opinionated 
T: Taker
For someone already trapped in a relationship with an I.D.I.O.T  personality and is confused on what to do, the book also offers you a step by step approach to help  you make quality decisions and live healthy.