A 4 Week Free Mentorship Program for Ladies 20- 35years old

favour Osiri
This program will focus on 4 key areas 
  • Purpose Pursuit
  • Productivity focus
  • Spiritual Success
  • Relationship Success

A 4 Week FREE Mentorship Program for ladies 20- 35years old

I grew up as a very confident teenager even though we didn’t have much. As I  became an  adult, I had so much beneath my zeal to deal with. I was fearful, full of uncertainties, and confused.  
I had so much within but I could not deploy the abilities God put in me. 
Thank God I broke free!
I want to help young ladies break free and be more to achieve more.
This is why I have decided to gift this program to mark my birthday which comes up in December.
The gift is a 4 weeks Life Advance Program strictly for  ladies between the ages of 20- 35 years of age.

Do any of these look like what you are going through?

Are you battling with the question of living purposely?  
 Have you ever written goals, but unable to get yourself to achieve them?
Are you in a valley of indecision, confused about what to focus on and how to focus?
 Do you feel  you have so much to offer, but can’t get yourself to make any mark or profit out of your many skills and talents?
 Do you need a guide to help you understand the role of relationship in your destiny journey?
Do you feel any void spiritually and you want to be ignited?

If you need guidance to achieve any of the above, this program is for you.