A proven guide to building the MARRIAGE OF YOUR DREAM

MARRIAGE OF YOUR DREAM covers 6 core topics to build a strong foundation and a healthy start in your marriage. Also included are parenting and family leadership bonus resources.


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  • The God factor
  • What marriage is and what marriage is not
  • Love language 
  • Growing marital love
  • Personality and effective communication
  • Personality and conflict resolution
  • Leveraging on your unique differences
  • Vision and marriage

  •  The dynamic nature of a marital vision

  •  Steps to create a marriage vision statement 

  • Family culture
  • Destructive money mindsets /templates in marriage

  •  Planning your wedding on a budget

  • Introduction to family finance

  •  Money rules in marriage

  • In-law relationship
  •  Common causes of in-law rivalry

  • How to relate with in-laws, set boundaries and handle external influences

  • Sex realities for male and female
  • Your honeymoon/ wedding night
  • Sex progression/turnoffs
  • Sex positions for virgin grooms and brides


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