Preparing for marriage can be so much fun!

Marriage of your dream is an online premarital course designed by The Wisdom Driven Marriage Academy for seriously dating, engaged, about to wed and newly wed couples

Are You  About To Wed?   

If your answer is yes, then read to the end to find out how to build a divorce-proof marriage starting as a newly wed.

The principles here will equip you to build a great marriage even if:

  • You know nothing about relationships or marriage.
  •  You are from a broken home and you are scared of getting married and making mistakes.

According  to the Mckinley Irvin Family Law & United States divorce  statistics. (This is also applicable to other nations of the world), 

  • Couples who attended a premarital program have a 30% lower divorce rate.
  • The average length of a first marriage that ends in divorce is 8 years.
  • 42-45% percent of first marriages end in divorce.
  • 60% of second marriages end in divorce.
  • 73% of third marriages end in divorce.
  • The average age for couples going through divorce is 30 years old.

 These are facts! The truth is that you can build a divorce-proof MARRIAGE OF YOUR DREAM by laying the right foundation with the right skills.

Let us show you how!


Getting married was a dream come true for us… We felt like the honeymoon will never end. Within the first two years we realized how underprepared we were in our journey towards building the marriage of our dream. We really struggled ! Thankfully with a lot of learning, growing together and research, we turned our marriage around and have built an amazing life together. We created this course because we are passionate and want couples to be more intentional about preparing for marriage than we were. 

 Studies show that couples who engaged with premarital courses are better equipped and less likely to divorce.  Our course is very practical, engaging, humorous and authentic. We believe that it will help you build the MARRIAGE OF YOUR DREAM.




  • Confidently create a compelling and comprehensive marriage vision.
  • Understand your personality differences and how to complement each other’s difference and still have a happy marriage.
  • Experience a debt and stress free wedding on a budget.
  • Learn how to negotiate and resolve conflicts quickly.
  • Acquire the skills on how to interact with your in-laws while setting boundaries as a couple.
  • Understand the love language of your spouse and how to love them that way.
  • Acquire communication and effective listening skills. 
  • Have a memorable honeymoon experience
  • Understand the power of sex in marriage, enjoy sex and how to navigate even if you are a virgin bride or groom and know nothing about sex.
  • Learn to lead your home as a husband.
  • Learn how to support as a wife.
  • Know how to handle money without friction in your marriage.
  • This course will teach you both preventive and restorative strategies for building a really “wow” marriage.
I know that this sounds exciting already but keep reading!


Mr. and Mrs. Benson

 The MARRIAGE OF YOUR DREAM online course has made us better forgivers in our marriage. It was so profound to learn that forgiveness is for the strong and that the first to apologize is not weak but rather strong and mature.
Prior to the course, my view on leadership as a man was just positional. After the course, my understanding about leadership was upgraded. Now I understand that leadership is earned influence, the hub of positive change, growth and transformation in any family.
We planned our wedding debt free and had extra cash!  We are so excited because we just celebrated one year of marital sweetness and it is so easy to forgive and resolve conflicts in our marriage. We are most grateful we attended the course

Mr and Mrs Charles.

We started our marriage  enlightened through the course that a good marriage doesn’t come by chance but requires the input of  my wife and I. We were guided to develop our own unique marriage vision and values which is so profound for us.
We also discovered our unique differences and learnt how to leverage on it to build our marriage. 
Another interesting topic was sex! Our mindset  about sex was totally overhauled. Every question about sex in marriage was thoroughly addressed and fear of the unknown was erased. 
We recommend this course to anyone who really wants to build a great marriage.

Meet Your Teachers

  • We are Wisdom and Favour Osiri. 
  • Certified marriage mentors & conflict and negotiation experts.
  • We founded the Wisdom-driven Marriage Academy in 2016 and have mentored over 200 persons both single and married.
  • We are the host of a weekly relationship program on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube called “Forbetterforus”
  • We have been featured on different television and radio stations teaching on building healthy relationships.
  • We facilitate an exclusive intervention program for deeply troubled marriages  called ‘Save Your marriage Program’
  • We are the in-house guests on the much listened radio program called “Family Matters on Nigeria Info PH for over 5 years
  • We have authored the following books:  The Wisdom-driven Marriage,  Advanced Toasting Techniques, Spouse Selection Profiling, From Waiting to Wedding, 360 Degree Parenting, How Not To Marry an I.D.I .O.T, 50 Things Before You Marry, I’m Done, The Leadership That Works and many more to be released soon.


Dollars: $97

Naira: N37,636.00

There is a  52% discount available if you pay on or before the launch date.

Afterwards, the price will revert to the original price.


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The Package

  • 6 Modules.
  • 18 Lessons.
  • Access to a closed support group to answer your questions and follow up.
  • Downloadable worksheets.
  • Bonus resources on parenting and family leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Is this course a video course?

Ans: Yes. The course is a pre-recorded course.

2. How is the course taught?                        Ans:The pre-marriage is taught in our online school. Each topic is broken down into lessons. You will also get support from our private support group.

3.How do we watch the videos?                            Ans: You will be given access to all our videos on our online platform. You can watch them anytime, anywhere you are in the world.

4. How do we get to ask questions?                    Ans: We have a closed support group which you will be added to, so that you can ask your questions. We will be available weekly in the group. You will also be required to submit your assignments in the closed group.

5. Do we have immediate access to the course?

Ans: This is a 6 weeks course. Every week, new lessons will be released to help you learn effectively. Immediately  you pay, you will get immediate access to the introductory module which gives you information on how the course will flow.

6. Do I get a refund?       Ans: All sales are final and non refundable. We ask that you carefully do all the assignments and apply the lessons learnt to get result for your money.

7. Can I download the modules?

Ans: The videos cannot be downloaded. Only the worksheet can be downloaded.

8. How long do I have to access the videos?

Ans: You have a life time access to the course.

9. What does a course launch mean?

Ans: A course launch means the duration  when the course is opened for payment.

10. When will the course be launched?

Ans: The course will be launched on September 1, 2020.  Discount applies to the first 20 persons to pay on or before launch date.