The Mom and Daughter Ball

The Mom and Daughter Ball​

Baby girls are so adorable, I still remember the preparation towards the birth of our baby girl. It feels just like yesterday.

We had to prepare for her birth like we were to have a show. As a mother, the emotions were out of this world.
Everything pink was my desire, from hair bands to wrist bands, shoes, socks, handbags, and even undies to match. My fantasies were unmatched.

This unique bond with our girls start out so early as we giggle and laugh.
Some moms lose this mum-daughter connection along the way, while some are able to sustain it as their daughters go through their teen years.
Our baby girls seem to grow so fast, and we sometimes lose touch of this connection we crave with them.

Statistics show that 68% of women between the ages of 18 and 35 felt their mothers resented them for not being a specific way or worse, a specific person while 36% of women between the ages of 36 and 56 felt this way.

23% of women over the age 57 felt their mothers resented them for their life choices and their person.

Often times, mothers who wish their daughters learn from their mistakes will offer advice. This advice sometimes sound like criticism, and can be so far off the mark of what the daughter really wants for her life that it feels as though the mother doesn’t really know her daughter at all.
This begins another stage of strained connection.

I understand deeply what it means to have a daughter and yearn for a lasting connection with her. I have a very adorable daughter I want to have this magic bond with her forever.
This is what this event is about.

We want mothers to build stronger bonds with their daughters. We want to create a beautiful atmosphere of connection, openness, excitement, fun and most importantly one that radiates unconditional love.

We want to see mums and their girls giggle together, share intimate moments, learn, have heart to heart talks and create memories that will last them a lifetime. This right here is our inspiration.

The Best Experience Ever

This maiden edition of The Mom and Daughter Ball will be all shades of beauty as we have a lot of interesting things planned out for you and your girl(s).

There will be a pep talk on emotional intelligence and forgiveness

1. Mom and daughter(s) hug and verbal affirmation time.

2. Mom and daughter(s) karaoke time out

3. Mom and daughter(s) guest board
signing(Aspirational label)

4. Mom and daughter(s) ball time. It’s a dance time!

5. Mom and daughter(s) photo session.

6. Mom and daughter(s) Pray time.

7. Mom and daughter(s) I-Moments

8. Mom and daughter(s) Games and many more.

Mom and her daughter(s) will be treated to a 2 course meal

Talk about maximum learning and fun!

This is what we know this event will birth for you and your girl(s)
1. Deeper connection
2. More intimate relationship
3. Rekindled love
4. Unfettered Unwinding time
5. New friendships and networks

Prizes will be given to these 3 category
1. The most gorgeously dressed mom and her daughter(s)
2. The best dancing mum and daughter(s)
3. The best mom and daughter(s) karaoke performance

Investment fee / Category for this event is as follows:

1. Mom and a daughter N15,000(2 persons)

2. Mom and two daughters N25,000( 3 persons)

3. Mom and three daughters N35,000( 4 persons)

4. Mom and four daughters, N35(5 persons) discounted.

Meet Host

The Mom and Daughter Ball is hosted by Favour Osiri-Wisdom. She is a mother of 3 children, an encourager, a relationship, family and Marriage mentor.

She and her husband are in-house guest on the No 1 family radio show called “Family Matter on Nigeria Info 92.3PH every Monday 2:10-3pm

She is the author of How Not To Marry An I.D.I.O.T, Before You marry and Stay Prayed Up. A 30 day audio and card devotional for your children, husband and wife.

You can also follow her on Instagram and twitter @favour_osiri
Facebook page is Favour Osiri.

Event Date

The venue will be communicated via email only to moms who have registered and made the financial commitment towards the event.