Your marriage is an opportunity to achieve a union that will open up a greater possibility.

 Does any of the following describe the type of skills you need to prepare for your marriage?

  •  Marriage Vision : You will love to develop your marriage vision,values, learn how to create family culture and a well crafted mission statement but you don’t know how to go about it?
  • Personality Differences: You know you have unique differences from your spouse and ywant to know how to compliment with your difference and still have a happy marriage.
  • Wedding Budgeting:You want a debt free wedding and you don’t know to plan with the available resources you have ?
  • Wedding Night: You are even a virgin bride or groom and you are concerned about how your first night together will be? 
  • You want to understand the different sex turn-offs in marriage and also the sex wiring of men and women?
  • In-laws & Relationship: You want to acquire the skills to relate and connect with your soon to be in-laws while maintaining boundaries
  • Love Language: Love has languages for different people You want to understand the love language of your spouse so you can love them in their own language and not yours?

 If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Can you imagine trying to flying a plane without the necessary skills?

Can you imagine driving a car without driving skills?

Can you imagine going to the law court to defend someone without being trained? i know you are screaming NO WAY! It wont work! Now this is how alot of people get into marriage with no skills and they wonder why they cannot handle challenges in their marriage. They are so quick to call it quits because they lack marital skills.

“Research shows that couples who attend  a premarital program have a thirty percent lower divorce rate than couples who do not attend any.”

Wow! This is amazing!

Acquiring the skills and knowing how to apply them is instrumental to the success of any marriage.

Myself and my husband practically did not attend any pre-marriage program because there was no structured program for us

We found our way around it studying, researching, learning and unlearning yet i still stumbled and made some mistakes in the first few years of my marriage because no one taught me about marriage. We all come into marriage with an already set template from our parents marriage because no formal institution teaches anyone on ” how to marry”

On a weekly basis i encounter alot of married couples in troubled marriages and i found out most of them had no idea of what it takes to get married and stay married. it’s either the content of the pre-marital counseling program they were exposed to marriage is either obsolete or not use-able in today’s world

But I have good news. You don’t have to stumble like I did! You can learn and acquire so many skills as we work together.

These skills are preventive and curative in nature.

  • Preventive skills helps you foresee and avert the challenges even before they arrive.
  • Curative skills are skills that helps you overcome challenges in marriage, Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured! The marriage you build is the one you will enjoy. 

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A beautiful marriage is what you deserve.

  • A marriage where you wake up with someone by your side who appreciates you.
  • A marriage relationship where joy, laughter, prosperity are present.
  • A marriage where you and your spouse collaborate to bring out the best in one another.
  • A marriage where you and your partner will build and leave a legacy for your children’s children
  • A marriage where your children will be raised as improved version of yourselves.
  • A marriage where your sex life is creative and enjoyable.
  • A marriage where you know how to handle conflict or challenges when they arise.
  • A marriage where money will never be a problem, free from debt right from the wedding because you understand how money works







Mentorship program

Mentoring people to become their authentic selves while fulfilling their purpose is a passion , This is what I do through my structured mentorship platform .

The life advancement program ( LAP) was created to have focused mentorship and an accountability system to ensure effective result

Life Advancement Program

The Life Advancement Program is an Intentional mentoring program

What you will gain:

  1. Discover your “why” This is your purpose
  2. Execution strategies  
  3. Acquire skills to build healthy relationships including love relationship
  4. You will unlock your spiritual success through biblical principles
  5. Access to trusted networks and contacts.
  6. Access to personal life coaching ( walk your road with you, step by step).
  7. Access to business links and career platforms
  8. Have a wide range of training that covers issues of life(finance, family etc)
  9. subsidized access to paid master classes


Mrs Favour encouraged us to do something out of the ordinary. 'Write that book', Also on one occasion, she challenged another mentee who was a nurse that she wants to see her do something extraordinary. Hmm,this words sank deep inside me. I love writing but it has never been read by anyone except me. So in this last quarter, I published five books from my so many written books at once on okadabooks. . Also I am a Nurse,so hearing that challenge to the lady in the modelwoman mentoring platform,I took it upon myself to do a lecture series for Nurses at my place of work every Tuesday. It has ran consistently for almost five months now. This program earned me an award as an 'Outstanding Nurse' at my workplace.
Honestly before now I never saw myself as a business person or an entrepreneur. I don't even know how to bargain or so I thought. But meeting with Mrs Favour and model women foundation gave me a 360 degrees rethink. I am an optometrist and in 2018 we set up an eye clinic (Pearlmine Eye care) which kicked off officially January 2019. I have taken all the teachings about excellence and building relationship skills into my business. And really it's been working for us. Feedbacks from patients have been really encouraging and motivating as well.. I also learnt how to take bold steps from this platform. In 2018 I got a fully funded scholarship from commonwealth for my MSc (via distance learning and contact practical days during summer). Getting that scholarship was a huge milestone for me. I realised that i could actually push for things and it would work. I have also learnt how to manage my time effectively especially as a new mom, wife, clinic owner and a student. Thank you so much for your words have pushed me.
Now I have a Life Advancement Program which is a paid training to raise Amazons with ruthless execution. My greatest joy is to see people take their place in destiny. The mentorship program focuses on 4 major areas; Purpose, Productivity, Family Life and Spiritual Success. Purpose discovery and consistent pursuit is the key to life long fulfillment in life. When we walk purposefully everything falls into place.

Marriage is amazing! The coming together of two different individuals who have different family upbringing, experiences, education and preferences is not so easy. When a man and a woman is  pronounced “One” it will take a process to have experiential oneness. The process of oneness starts with communication before they are joined as husband and wife. By communication I mean using the power of questions to understand who you are getting married to. You cannot love who you don’t know because to know someone is to love someone.

In this freebie, I shared 10 critical conversations every about to wed groom and bride must have before getting married. There are people who got married and discovered somethings they never bargained for.

As you go through this freebie, I want you to think through them and begin to have critical and objective conversations with your partner. If you carefully follow this guide, it will help you build a transparent marriage where communication flows freely.