How Not To Marry An I.D.I.O.T

Decisions determine your experiences. You are always one decision away from a totally different life  Making a quality decision is a cornerstone for living a quality life.

About The Book

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My life mantra is to help everyone who connects with me find and begin to live a value-driven life especially in their relationship and marriage. You know what! When I started writing this book, I had you in mind and I know you are in for a total turnaround.

How Not To Marry An I.D.I.O.T is a book that will help you spot undesirable behavioral patterns in a person before considering a long term relationship like marriage. I know you will be wondering ah! I.D.I.O.T? Hold on! it may not be what you think. I had manifested some traits of an I.D.I.O.T. too! I have made my own mistakes but I was willing to learn, grow and today I am no longer who I used to be.

An I.D.I.O.T is that woman or man who is idle, domineering, insensitive, highly opinionated and a confirmed taker who never gives. No relationship or marriage can truly be blissful with these traits. Relationships are so powerful and the current of emotions that flows is capable of making you ignore these signs.

Relationships are meant to make you better and not bitter. The choice of a partner will determine the experiences of your life. This is why you must be informed to make the right decisions.

A lot of people would have been better off, but for the spouse they married! You see a lot more live in shame, pain and regrets because of their decision. Now you have a manual that will help you make the right decision for your life. It will help you deal with your emotions so you can practically take responsibility for your life. You deserve love, you deserve peace, and you deserve to be protected. Real love protects and does not devalue!

The book is instructive to both the married and single It is both a mirror and a guide.

It is a mirror to you as a married person so you can look within and make the necessary adjustments in your life following the principles in the book. A guide to you as a single person to watch out and not rush into marriage blindly.

For someone already trapped in a relationship with an I.D.I.O.T personality and is confused on what to do, the book also offers you a step by step approach to help you make quality decisions and have a better relationship experience.

You don’t have to marry a confirmed I.D.I.O.T who has refused to change! Read this book with an open mind and do plenty of soul searching and then see yourself soar!

I look forward to hearing your testimonies.

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Tare Dite- Ojoko

Relationship & Marriage coach

Wow! What an amazing book “How Not To Marry An I.D.I.O.T”, is! I could barely it drop the book until I finished reading it. I was reading and taking down notes in my Learning Book. The Book is beautifully written and the style good. “How Not To Marry An I.D.I.O.T” is not a book that merely passes on information on relationships, rather it is one that gives you a step by step approach to a destiny transforming decision. If you didn’t have ” sense” before reading this book, this book will put some “sense” in you because emotions truly, don’t pay bills. After reading this Book, people will be without  excuse in staying in relationships that are dead end streets. Married Couples can also learn on how to improve on their relationships from some of the self  assessment questions.

I recommend this book to everyone no matter what stage you are at in your life.

Freky Andrew

President, Faecare Foundation

“How not to marry an I.D.I.O.T.” i read it in one sitting. This book should be made a must for all singles. The knowledge shared is deep and will save many from horrible purpose failed lives. I like the book because not only does it highlight the red flags in these behaviors but it offers help for a reader who finds him/herself being described under one of the acronyms. Change begins with a decision , the decision to become better and the decision to be treated better. 

To every single out there male or female, before you say ‘I do’ read ‘How not to marry an I.D.I.O.T.” and if you do discover yourself as having any I.D.I.O.T. trait, don’t panic, take a breath and do all the exercises and recommendations in the book. Thank you Pastor Favour.

Chinelo Dilimono

CEO & Host at Be Encouraged

Wisdom is truly the antidote against certain marital and relationship disappointments many face today.  This book HOW NOT TO MARRY AN I. D. I. O. T is surely glazed with true and tested wisdom and is a vital antidote today’s single needs before taking the leap into this arena called MARRIAGE.


Dr. Olufemi-Kayode

Premium Sexual Health Coach

This is a book I will recommend to every single who wants more than peripheries of marriage but more. Even for those who are married who need to manoveur for better results. It is practical, down to earth, workable and realistic. Remember to take advantage and get to know how not to marry an I.D.I.O.T

Thanks to Pst. Favour Osiri-Wisdom for sharing your wealth of wisdom…

Nnamdi Ibe

Excel Senior Partner

How do you codify emotions?

Can we govern our emotions and how they make us choose or stay in relationships doomed to fail?

Pastor Favour’s step by step approach empowers us to put our brains to use.

It guides us to objectively and constructively look at ourselves and partners / prospective partners closely without the blinding goggles of love that most times gets / keeps us in relationships we have no business being in.

Trust me. 

Pick up this book and let Pastor Favour take you on a ride. 

You won’t remain the same. 


About the author

Favour Osiri-Wisdom is a marriage and relationship mentor and the co- founder of The Wisdom driven marriage academy .
She is also a certified marriage mentor from the Institute of marriage and family affairs USA. 
She and her husband are presenters of a weekly relationship show called “For better for us” on Facebook 
Favour Osiri Wisdom is also the founder of the modelwoman Foundation a mentoring platform for women to help them build their lives and relationships.
She has co- authored two books with her husband. The Wisdom-driven marriage and Advanced toasting techniques.
She is the author of the series  “Stay Prayed Up” a 31 day prayer card devotional for children, husbands and wives and recently How Not To Marry An I.D.I.O.T and Before You Marry.
She has featured on Nigeria Info, Silver Bird Television, WAZOBIA FM PH  and Life’s Journal on Rivers State Television.
She is married to Osiri Wisdom a wonderful pastor and family counsellor and they are blessed with 3 wise children.